A bit of catching up to do…

T.G.I.F!! It has been a busy two weeks at school. Midterms + grading midterms + schoolin’ these childrenz = blog on the back-burner. Luckily, last weekend I found some free time despite all the chaos at school. I did my first zombie walk! I’ve never done anything like it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was so much fun. A friend of mine made a great video to document the night:

The same friend also found a Korean blogger who got a lot of pics and even a video of me!! ^_^


Now that things have settled down again, I’m excited to bring you some new, exciting content.


  • Interview: Lucile Koch, a Frenchwoman in South Korea, Pt. 2. How could you not love listening to that pretty French accent? Plus, she’s smart as hell and fun to talk to.
  • Blog Post: Mystery MeatYes, it finally happened to me. One of those, “They serve that in Asia?!” stories.
  • Podcast: Driving in KoreaI’ll give a candid account of the madness that is driving in Korea. Nah, it’s not all that bad, but I do have some good stories for you!

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