The Struggle was REAL

Back when I lived in the Korean farm lands, luxuries like good wine were seldom seen. When my girlfriend, Keelie, visited me one weekend, she treated me to a bottle of Pohang’s finest Pinot Noir. Only problem, I’d never bought corked wine in my countryside town before; thusly, no corkscrew! –Please note that because I lived in the country, stores were closed by 8 p.m. I might’ve been able to find a corkscrew at our main grocery store if it was earlier, but being that it was night we had two small convenience stores to rummage through to find a bottle opener.–Long story short, Mission Corkscrew: Fail. Now, I’m not the type to make friends with girls who let a bottle of wine sit unopened on a perfectly good girls’ weekend. Being so, Keelie and I scoured the Internet for every possible wine-opening strategy. We picked our weapon of choice (the shoe–or boot, rather) and as they say, the rest is history.

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